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Sharp R21LTF Stainless Steel Commercial Microwave Oven 1000 Watts


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Item #: R21LTF
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Perfect for smaller kitchens that do not require volume cooking, Sharp medium-duty microwave ovens feature a generous 1.0 cubic-foot capacity and a convenient 1,000-watt power output. They’re ideal for defrosting, heating up or cooking small food items, and bring a new dimension of dependability to break rooms, hospitals, convenience stores, gas stations, and countless other settings. An array of easy-to-use features and one-touch controls add versatility—without added costs of using a high-powered microwave or oven. Featuring stainless steel interior and exterior doors, these durable units stand up well to day-to-day use and are built to last. Strong, specially designed latch handles reduce door failure, one of the most frequent problems on units of lesser quality.

  1. Computerized Touch Controls– provides 10 programmable memories with one-second increment timing; built-in safeguards prevent unauthorized changes.
  2. Double Quantity Pad – automatically provides optimum heating times for two portions for excellent results.
  3. Express Defrost™ – automatically divides total defrosting time into 3 stages with 3 power levels.
  4. Memory Check – lets the user confirm the time setting and power level for each memory pad.
  5. Two-Way Programming – use any of the pre-programmed memories or manually program up to 20 of your own.
  6. 3-Stage Programming – program food to defrost then begin cooking at one power level and finish cooking at another.
  7. Counter Check - lets the oven “remember” how often each feature was used plus the total number of manual uses so managers can keep closer tabs on operation.

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